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"I can remember my years with the Mets, just hoping that I'd get four years in so I'd qualify for my pension. That was my goal. Then, after I did that, I thought maybe I could hang on long enough to get ten years in."

- Nolan Ryan

"Going to the California Angels was a fresh start for me, and my experience there would totally turn around my career. The encouraging thing about it all was that I was made to feel wanted right from the beginning."

- Nolan Ryan, on joining the California Angels

"I always thought I'd retire as an Angel. The longer I was there, the more comfortable I got with the idea that they would never trade me and I would never leave as a free agent...if (Angels GM) Buzzie Bavasi had given me what I asked for, he would have had a bargain, and I'd probably still be pitching for the Angels."

- Nolan Ryan, on his years with the California Angels

"Put the right pitching mechanics together with good health, and there's nothing surprising about lasting a long time."

- Nolan Ryan

"I was concerned with my back problems and I said, "Well, I'll just go seven innings. Then I got through seven and decided I'm not going to give in to it because I just needed six more outs. This no-hitter comes so late in my career that it makes it very special."

- Nolan Ryan, on his sixth no-hitter

"...I've gotten a lot of satisfaction out of what I've accomplished here late in my career."

- Nolan Ryan, shortly after his 300th win

"Ryan's the only guy to put fear in me. You just hoped to mix in a walk so you could have a good night and go 0-for-3."

- Reggie Jackson

"When my career is over, and I sit down at the gas station or wherever, and people ask me, 'What was one of your biggest moments?' I'll say, 'Facing Nolan Ryan.'"

- Glenn Wilson

"I was looking for a fastball. Ryan threw a curve and I got vapor-locked."

- Brad Mills, Ryan's 3,509 strikeout victim, which pushed him past Walter Johnson for the all-time strikeout record

"Nolan knows he has perfect mechanics. It makes no difference that he doesn't understand the mechanics. He lucked into throwing the ball right. It came naturally to him. If he had been taught, he probably wouldn't do it right."

- Dr. Mike Marshall, former Major League pitcher

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